U.S. Environmental Information Management Industry Looks Forward to Double Digit Growth


News Release -- San Diego, Calif. -- The U.S. environmental information systems & services industry generated revenues of $1.6 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $1.75 billion in 2015, gaining $150 million on 9% growth this year, according to Environmental Business Journal.

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Factors driving recent growth in the market are increasing environmental regulation and the emergence of more sophisticated instruments, monitors, sensors and other environmental data collection devices, reported EBJ, which forecasts double digit revenue growth in 2016. The evolution of cloud-based software and mobile technology is also ushering in rapid innovation and the participation of more companies and more applications to collect, sort, manage and display environmental data.

While historically a consistent group of providers has served EHS information needs, the universe of software providers is proliferating and providing apps for different parts of the multidisciplinary EHS function, including apps for compliance, resource management, data integration and enterprise-wide management, in addition to media-specific applications like water and hazardous waste.

Environmental Business Journal counts approximately 660 firms in its universe of companies in environmental information systems & services. The industry is still fragmented, with the top 5 firms representing 15% of the market. EHS software vendors, IT firms, environmental consultants, energy management and accounting firms all compete to provide environmental information management solutions.

A proprietary EBJ survey conducted this summer in cooperation with the EHS software market research firm Donley Technology (Colonial Beach, Va.) confirmed the recent wave of growth and provides insight into market size, breakdowns, client prospects and other data published in tables and charts in this edition.

The survey found that most of providers of such systems and services are optimistic about growth prospects in 2015-2016, particularly in compliance, enterprise-wide, and data integration applications. "Since the use of paper-based systems and commonly-available tools like Excel is still prevalent, the opportunities for replacing these systems with more comprehensive tools should grow as the economy improves," noted Donley's president Elizabeth Donley.

High Level of Acquisition and Investment Activity

Acquirors and investors have been responding to the market's long-term growth potential. Although the industry is populated with hundreds of companies generating less than $1 million in revenues, the pool of mid-size companies is dwindling as they become acquisition targets. Verdantix, an independent analyst for energy, EH&S and sustainability research, estimated anywhere from $200 million to $300 million has been invested by private equity and venture capital firms in the EHS software market over the last four years.

With double-digit growth predicted for 2016 and a penetration rate of less than 10%, things look good for the foreseeable future for environmental information companies, EBJ concludes.

Also covered in this edition is the more mature Instrument & Information Systems segment of the U.S. environmental industry, including revenues, growth rates and breakdown by technology. Environmental applications are outpacing the overall market for instrumentation.

Exhibits and data include:

  • Growth in U.S. Environmental Information Systems & Services, 09-15
  • End-Users for Environmental Information Systems & Services in 2015
  • Principal Approach to Environmental Information in Potential Users
  • Verdantix' Three Phases of EH&S Software Market Development
  • Environmental Software & Information Service Companies in 2014
  • Client Growth Prospects in Environmental Information, 2015-2016
  • Category Growth in Environmental Information, 2015-2016
  • EHS Leaders Budgetary Control over EHS Software Purchase Decisions
  • Desired Capabilities in EHS Software for Returning Buyers
  • Comparison of Business Objectives: First-time vs. Returning Buyers of EHS Software
  • The 2014 Instruments & Information Segment of the U.S. Environmental Industry
  • Growth in Spending on EHS Technology Services 2015-2020
  • North American EHS Services Drivers
  • Environmental Information Software by Media in 2015
  • Environmental Information by Process or Application in 2015
  • Comparison of EHS System Type Sought by Size of Customer

Companies profiled in this edition: OmniEarth, Aquatic Informatics, ProcessMAP, Intelex, Enviance, Battery Ventures, Dakota Software, CR360, The Wercs, Geotech WaterSmart and more.

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