Frequently Asked Questions
  • I forgot my account username and/or password...

    If you have a valid email address, use the links below to retrieve your account username and/or password. Be sure to check the Spam Folder - your email provider may classify automated system emails as spam.

  • I just made a Paypal payment, but I still cannot download my subscription materials...

    Paypal sometimes places online payments on hold for security review. This review process may take up to two business days. Also, eCheck payments may take up to four business days to clear.

    Your subscription cannot be activated until Paypal releases and clears your payment. You should be notified by Paypal as to your payment status.

    If, however, your online payment has cleared but you still cannot download your subscription materials, please contact customer support as soon as possible.

  • Where is the Login Button?

    You may log in/out quickly at any time by clicking the LOGIN link in the top right-hand corner.

    Figure - Login

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