Environmental Industry Segments

Segment Description Examples of Clients
Environmental Services (Environmentally Preferable Services)
Environmental Testing & Analytical Services Provide testing of "environmental samples" (soil, water, air and some biological tissues) Regulated industries, Gov't, C&E, Hazardous waste and remediation contractors
Wastewater Treatment Works Collection and treatment of residential, commercial and industrial wastewaters. Facilities are commonly know as POTWs or publicly owned treatment works. Municipalities, Commercial Establishments & All industries
Solid Waste Management Collection, processing and disposal of solid waste Municipalities & All industries
Hazardous Waste Management Collection, processing and disposal of hazardous, medical waste, nuclear waste Chemical/Petroleum Manufacturers and Government agencies
Remediation/Industrial Services Cleanup of contaminated sites, buildings and environmental cleaning of operating facilities Government agencies, Property owners, Industry
Environmental Consulting & Engineering (C&E) Engineering, consulting, design, assessment, permitting, project management, O&M, monitoring, etc. Industry, Government, Municipalities, Waste Mgmt. companies, POTWs
Environmental Equipment (Environmentally Preferable Goods)
Water Equipment & Chemicals Provide equipment, supplies and maintenance in the delivery and treatment of water and wastewater. Municipalities & All industries
Instruments & Information Systems Produce instrumentation for the analysis of environmental samples. Includes info systems and software. Analytical services, Government Regulated companies
Air Pollution Control Equipment Produce equipment and tech. to control air pollution. Includes vehicle controls. Utilities, Waste-to-energy Industries, Auto industry
Waste Management Equipment Equipment for handling, storing or transporting solid, liquid or haz waste. Includes recycling/remediation equipment. Municipalities, Generating industries, Solid waste companies
Process & Prevention Technology Technology for in-process pollution prevention and waste recovery All industries
Environmental Resources (can also be services; or equipment for renewable energy)
Water Utilities Selling water to end users Consumers, Municipalities & All industries
Resource Recovery Selling materials recovered and converted from industrial by-products or post-consumer waste Municipalities, Generating industries, Solid waste companies
Clean Energy Power & Systems Selling power and systems in solar, wind, geothermal, small scale hydro, energy efficiency and DSM Utilities, All industries and consumers
Environmental Consumer Goods (Environmentally Preferable Products or EPPs)
Sustainable Agriculture Products Agricultural products or finished food products derived from certified organic materials and processes. Consumers, Food manufacturing companies, Food service companies
Sustainable Forestry Products Timber or finished forest products derived from certified sustainable forestry programs. Consumers, Manufacturers
Eco-Tourism Tourism revenues derived from certified eco-tourism locations that minimize 'environmental footprint' in transportation and lodging facilities Consumers

Source: Environmental Business International Inc. (San Diego, Calif.)

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