EBJ Vol XXX No 07 & 08: Remediation Markets & Technology 2017


This edition of EBJ features data, analysis, survey results and company profiles in three segments of the environmental industry: hazardous waste management, remediation and industrial services. These sectors — together the "contracting" segments of the environmental industry — accounted for $24.3 billion in revenues in 2016, according to EBJ segmentation and analysis portrayed in charts and tables in this edition along with ranking of top companies in each segment. Both the $24-billion environmental contracting segments and the $30-billion environmental consulting & engineering industry count remediation as an important market category and EBJ's detailed surveys on Remediation Markets and Remediation Technology reveal growth services, clients and geographies, key benchmarks, contract trends and technology applications.

This edition provides a summary of the more detailed EBI Report 324: Remediation & Industrial Services and the dataset accompanying this edition for EBJ corporate access subscribers a summary of EBI's Remediation DataPack 2017.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Environmental Contracting Industry 2000-2017e ($bil)
  • U.S. Environmental Contracting Markets in 2015-2016 ($bil)
  • U.S. Hazardous Waste Market by Segment 2005-2017e ($bil)
  • Remediation Market in 2016
  • US Remediation 1988-2017e: Remediation vs Redevelopment
  • U.S. Remediation Market 1988-2017e, Public vs. Private ($mil)
  • U.S. Industrial Services Market 2000-2017e ($bil)
  • Ranking of Remediation Market Drivers in 2017
  • Percentage of Remediation Revenues in 2016
  • Remediation Industry Growth: EBJ vs Survey Respondents
  • Most Important Business Challenges in 2017
  • Remediation Client Rankings: Prospective Growth in 2017-2019
  • Geographic Rankings: Growth in Remediation in 2017-2019
  • Top U.S. Remediation Companies in 2016
  • Distribution of Remediation Companies in 2016
  • Soil Treatment Technologies in 2017
  • Groundwater Treatment Technologies in 2017
  • Remediation Contract Types
  • Ranking of Remediation Market Growth by Type of Project
  • EBJ Respondents: High Impact Remediation Technologies
  • Site Characterization Methods
  • Top U.S. Industrial Services Companies in 2016
  • U.S. Industrial Services Industry in 2016
  • CH2M Gross Revenues 2000-2016 ($mil)
  • CH2M Gross Revenues 2016-2017
  • EnSafe Gross Revenues 2000-2016 ($mil)
  • EA Engineering, Science, and Technology: Gross Revenues 2000-2016 ($mil)
  • ERRG Gross Revenues 2008-2016 ($mil)
  • Soil Remediation By Volume
  • Bay West Gross Revenues 2006-2016 ($mil)
  • Woodard & Curran Gross Revenues 2000-2016 ($mil)
  • GEI Consultants Gross Revenues 2006-2016 ($mil)
  • Geosyntec Gross Revenues 2006-2016 ($mil)
  • Clean Harbors Revenues by Division: 2009-2017 ($mil)
  • Heritage-Crystal Clean Revenue: 2016-2017
  • Hazardous Waste Volume Trends from EPA Biennial Reports 2001-2015
  • Off-Site Management of Hazardous Waste in 2015 by Method (Thousand Tons)
  • US Hazardous Waste Management: EPA Biennial Report: Total Tons in 'Managed' Hazardous Waste, 2001-2015 (millions)
  • Millions of Tons in ‘Receipts’ by Off-Site Facilities, 2001-2015
  • Number of Sites: Off-Site Facilities, 2001-2015
  • Waste Management Landfills: Number and Tons Received
  • Veolia North America Revenues 2014-2016 ($mil)

Table of Contents

01.Environmental Contracting: The $24-billion environmental contracting and remedia-tion segments of the environmental industry have remained flat since the recovery with private sector markets and development covering for federal decline.pg 1-7

02.CH2M uses technology platform and program management expertise in remediation and nuclear waste to maintain a leadership position; sets up Jacobs merger.pg 8

03.EnSafe leverages safety in remediation practice; acquires E2 Managetech asset.pg 13

04.EA ES&T strong in EPA, DOD and state markets; builds expertise in munitions, emerging contaminants, coal ash and sediments.pg 16

05.ERRG focuses on project execution in competitive remediation market.pg 19

06.Bay West expands in private market off federal base; sees growth in VI and ECs.pg 21

07.Woodard & Curran wrestles with demographics in manufacturing.pg 23

08.GEI Consultants specializes in sediments, MGPs and stabilization.pg 24

09.Geosyntec's strong sediment remediation practice supports consistent growth.pg 26

10.Integral Consulting weathers uncertainties in emerging contaminant regulations.pg 28

11.TRC in strong position in coal combustion residuals market.pg 30

12.HSW grows with a strong focus on the Florida remediation market.pg 31

13.Hazardous waste industry continues to evolve; storms put all hands on deck.pg 34

14.Kemron builds expertise in specialty treatment, adds munitions practice.pg 40

15.Alta Environmental sees ample opportunity for growth in California market.pg 42



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