EBJ Vol XXVIII No 07 & 08: Sustainability, Resilience & Climate Adaptation


This special 50-page edition of EBJ, leveraging research done by sister publication Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ), focuses on the climate change adaptation industry as defined by CCBJ and all the companies engaged in providing services, management, technology and supplies to a broad swathe of clients being impacted by and preparing for climate change. Climate change adaptation is one of smallest but faster growing of the 9 segments in the $330-billion U.S. and $1,590-billion global Climate Change Industry in 2014, and EBI estimates a $830 million U.S. and $2.48 million global climate change adaptation market in 2014.

Changing weather patterns are expected to have profound and far-reaching effects on Earth's ecosystems and virtually all aspects of human society-with immeasurable impact on both the natural and the built environment. Higher temperatures, rising sea levels, droughts, tornados, hurricanes, floods and wildfires threaten natural resources, coastlines, agriculture, human health, food security, water, energy, and manufacturing supply chains are just a few examples of the natural and man-made systems impacted by climate change.

Besides presenting huge challenges, extreme weather events and changing weather patterns also offer significant opportunities for companies equipped to assist governments and the private sector in preparing for, adapting to, and even gaining competitive advantage from the mitigation and consequences of climate change.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • U.S. Climate Change Adaptation Industry
  • U.S. Climate Change Consulting Industry
  • Climate Change Adaptation Industry Segments
  • Climate Change Consuting Segments
  • Envision in RFPs
  • Potential Expected Annual Damages from Flooding at Year 50
  • Louisiana Aims to Adapt With New Master Plan
  • Corporate Applications of Ecosystem Services Approaches
  • Projected Changes in Light, Moderate, and Heavy Precipitation (by 2090s)

Table of Contents

01.Adaptation & Resiliency Market Review: With demand for consulting on GHG analysis and mitigation flattening, providers move to adaptation and resilience.pg 1-5

02.Feature: Sustainable infrastructure gets a system to build on in Envision and C&E firms embrace its tenets and test its market value including Stantec, NV5, Louis Berger, ARCADIS and MWH Global; Q&A with Envision developers.pg 6-16

03.Profiles: Discretionary and regulatory clients key to growth for Anthesis.pg 17

04.Antea Group takes on climate change in broader sustainability practice.pg 19

05.ARCADIS sees demand for coastal projects due to threat of sea level rise.pg 21

06.Q&A with Cameron-Cole: Voluntary commitments/states drive climate action.pg 23

07.Four Twenty Seven focuses on supply chains and modeling climate risks.pg 26

08.Climate change resilience a driver for Stantec.pg 28

09.Coastal resiliency planning is an emerging market for Great Ecology.pg 29

10.Haley & Aldrich: From vulnerability assessments to strategic planning.pg 31

11.Water firm Wright-Pierce helps plan for climate change; Q&A with CEO.pg 32

12.Feature: Superstorms and hurricanes bring climate risks for electric power.pg 34-37

13.Feature: Ecosystems getting more respect as adaptation gains priority.pg 38-42

14.Transportation, water, power: Dewberry's practice expands to more sectors.pg 42

15.Q&A with veteran climate adaptation researcher James Neumann.pg 44

16.CH2M helps newly proactive cities plan for climate change.pg 46

17.Water security a top driver for TetraTech's clients.pg 47

18.AECOM takes global lead in planning resilience for cities and corporations.pg 49



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