EBJ Vol XXVIII No 03: The U.S. Water Industry 2015


EBJ presents its annual analysis of the $160-billion U.S. water industry with data tables on the industry in 10 subsegments. Interviews and comments by leaders and innovators in consulting & engineering, equipment manufacturing, trade associations and analysts, complement market analysis and list of top companies in Water Equipment & Chemicals companies. Water industry themes of curmbling infrastructure, water scarcity, funding and real pricing have remained pretty much the same in recent years, but just change color a bit, along with the numbers and the ebb & flow of funding for projects.

Exhibits and data included in and with this issue are:

  • World Population & Volume of Fresh Water on the Planet
  • The U.S. Water Industry, 2013-2014 ($bil)
  • Top U.S. Water Equipment & Chemicals (listed by global WE&C revenues in 2014)
  • Water/Wastewater in the $28-Billion U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry, 1994-2018
  • U.S. Wastewater and Water Systems Summary
  • Annual Change in U.S. Wastewater Rates, 2000-2015
  • U.S. Value of Construction Put in Place, 1993-2018e
  • Local Government Finances in Environmental Industry Segments ($bil)
  • California Water Bond Program Allocation
  • Water Rights Market by State, 2003-2012
  • WRPIx - A Price Index for the Water Rights Sector
  • WARi: Index of Affordability of Water Services

Table of Contents

01.A familiar list tops the priorities of Water Industry executives in 2015, but beating a steady drum has not instituted much change in funding or pricing, or in rainfall or storm frequency for that matter. Growth is steady and needs are great, so business prospects are good, if not somewhat slow-moving, around the world.pg 1-7

02.California takes a step to address water scarcity with $7.5 billion water bond.pg 7-12

03.Water rights trading increases, with fluctuations in buyers and prices.pg 12-14

04.Desalination market advances around the world with modest growth.pg 14-17

05.Public-private partnership model working for United Water.pg 17-18

06.The water utility industry is changing shape to address five key trends.pg 19-21

07.Profiles: Michael Baker, Ecolab, Wade Trim, Calgon Carbon, Microvi Biotech.pg 21-28



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