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REPORT 2020B, (updated for Q4 of 2010) – EBJ's 140-page snapshot of the U.S. environmental industry includes market quantification of all environmental industry segments, including revenues, number of companies, jobs, exports and pertinent trends in each segment of the industry.

Environmental Business Journal - Business Newsletter for the Environmental Industry
EBJ, the leading business newsletter for the environmental industry, provides competitive strategies, new business opportunities, and up-to-date market trends and data.
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Individual Issues (Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, Natural Resources, Instruments & Information Systems, Industry Overview, Air Pollution, Water & Wastewater, Executive Review, Consulting & Engineering, Solid Waste & Recycling, Climate Change, Remediation & Redevelopment, Global Markets (Europe & the Middle East), Global Markets (Asia), More...)

EBI Environmental Market Reports - for the Environmental Industry
Need more insight into your market segment? Choose from our extensive collection of market reports. You'll get to read EBJ's in-depth market analysis, presented with numerous data tables and charts.
WaterView 2009 Report: Water & Wastewater Markets
The U.S. Environmental Industry Overview
The U.S. Environmental Industry & Global Markets
The U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry
Solid Waste Management & Resource Recovery
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Remediation & Industrial Services
Environmental Testing & Analytical Services
• More...

EBI's Environmental Market Data - for the Environmental Industry

Get the information you need now! All the market data products are downloadable MS Excel tables and available for your use immediately.
U.S. Environmental Market Data
Water & Wastewater Market Data
Consulting & Engineering Market Data
Remediation Market Data
Global Environmental Market Data



New Report! EBI Report 723: The U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry
The definitive strategic business resource on the U.S. Environmental Consulting & Engineering Industry. Its 1,100 pages analyze markets, competition, customers, management and service trends in the $26-billion U.S. environmental consulting & engineering market. Market analysis is based on surveys, interviews and EBI's database of C&E firms.

Remediation Market Datapack
The 2010 Remediation Market Datapack is a 10-tab spreadsheet workbook including detailed output from EBI's remediation market model derived from EBI's database of remediation companies, annual survey results, interviews with companies, experts and analysts. The downloadable file also includes a list of the top 150 remediation companies and survey results and opinions.

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